Ice Cube Concert Shooting At Del Mar Fairgrounds


The San Diego Del Mar Fairgrounds Summer Concert Series ended in dramatic fashion Labor Day weekend. When tickets for the Ice Cube concert were announced to have been sold out, a crazed fan took out a gun and fired it into the air. An officer shot the shooter but did not kill him (as seen in the video above.) The shooter was taken to a nearby hospital.

The disturbance occurred during the final horse race of the day. A number of people (including myself) were left wandering around the Del Mar Race Track for hours as the concert was delayed and police officers surrounded the area both in cars and helicopters. Check out live footage below:




Bars and restaurants were closed immediately following the shooting. Despite hundreds of people leaving, Ice Cube eventually did perform that night.

Moving forward, Del Mar Fairgrounds might want to rethink their security measures. When my party and I entered there was no metal detector, no pat downs, no checking of bags, nothing. Anyone could have brought a gun in and the outcome could have been much worse. In these crazy times, security is everything. Hopefully in the future, the Del Mar Fairgrounds will remember that.