CW’s Black Lightning to introduce DC character, Looker

Despite a putrid costume, Black Lightning hit the CW running with a diverse cast with captivating storylines.

Now the second season might be bringing together the classic Outsiders team. Looker – a teammate of Jefferson Pierce from the classic Batman and the Outsiders comics – will be joining the cast of Black Lightning as a reoccurring character in the series’ second season. A recent casting announcement revealed that The CW is seeking an actress to play the role of the psionic superheroine turned vampiric vigilante.

Looker’s name was dropped in the first season episode “LaWanda – The Book of Burial,” when library worker Grace Choi asked Anissa Pierce out to a superhero-themed costume party. Grace mentioned both Supergirl and Looker as costume ideas, describing Looker as a character who was popular with people who like vampires. It was unclear at the time the episode aired if Black Lightning was set in the same universe as Supergirl or not. That Hashtag Show broke the news that Looker does exist in the world of Black Lightning and that the producers were specifically asking for “submission of star names” for consideration for the role. According to the outlet, Looker is described as being “a youthful looking woman with a soul that has lived for a long time, whose eyes are ethereal and whose look is penetrating.”

Looker first appeared in Batman & the Outsiders #25 and was created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo. Emily Briggs was a mousy bank teller who lived a quiet life with her husband in Gotham City. That all changed when she was kidnapped by people from the underground civilization known as Abyssia. The Outsiders set out to rescue Emily. After a battle with the people of Abyssia, Emily’s heritage was revealed to her and as Halley’s Comet passed by the Earth, Emily underwent a metahuman transformation, as well as becoming more conventionally attractive.

While on a mission with The Outsiders, Looker becomes the object of obsession to a powerful head vampire. When the vampire turns her, Looker’s powers are mixed with her new vampiric abilities making her one of the strongest members of the Outsiders.

Black Lightning season 2 premieres on Tuesday, October 9 on The CW.