San Diego Comic-Con Wins Lawsuit Over Name

Looks like a slew of comic book shows will be needing to drop the words ”comic-con” short for comic convention. That is unless they want to pay San Diego Comic-Con some big bucks.

A federal judge recently ruled that a comic-con in Salt Lake City, Utah did not legally have the right to use the words ”comic-con” in their name. This will no doubt have severe implications for comic-cons around the country. Salt Lake City comic book show has already changed their name to FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention. I guess as long as the hyphen is not included they are okay.

Per The Desert Sun:

The Hollywood Reporter called the court battle brought by the San Diego Comic Convention “one of the biggest trademark cases in the entertainment industry in years.” lists 954 comic cons and cosplay conventions around the world. They include names such as Digi-Con, Colossalcon, KupoCon and Keystone Comic-Con.

The San Diego Comic Convention has sued or asserted claims against other producers of “comic-cons” around the nation, and Spellman has emphasized to reporters that smaller comic cons should be distinguished from the San Diego Comic-Con by omitting the hyphen.