Game of Thrones final season delayed until Summer 2019

Sorry Game of Thrones fans, it appears we will all have to wait a little longer than expected to see who claims the iron throne.

The high number of visual effects shots might be to blame. This season will be the final epic culmination of the battle for the iron throne. A constant struggle that has waged since the end of season one.

The final season had been rumored to debut in April but its now looking like it won’t debut until later in summer of 2019.

Despite this news, fans can look forward to the planned prequel series set thousands of years before GoT.

Per The New York Post:

HBO executives previously confirmed the spin-off, which is set thousands of years before the main show, will not be broadcast until after “Game of Thrones’” final six-episode season.

The untitled prequel is being developed by British filmmaker Jane Goldman alongside the author of the original series, George R.R. Martin.