Comic Book News Round-Up 8/23/18

Crazy happenings in the funny books this week! Punisher kills a top tier Marvel villain! Hit-Girl teams up with Kevin Smith! Wolverine has a new costume! The Outsiders are back and Batman gets DAMNED! Let’s dive into this week’s Comic Book News Round-Up!

The Punisher Just Killed Who–?!?

If you picked up the first issue of Marvel Comics ultra-violent Punisher this week! Frank Castle is hunting bigger game this time around, not settling for mob bosses and thugs. Hydra and Baron Zemo are back wheeling and dealing with the Mandarin. Castle, however, intercepts a Hydra convoy using their own super-weapons against them:

Castle goes to U.N. where Mandarin is set to give a speech until this happens:

A shocking death for the first issue but Punisher did make quite a statement. But this clearly puts the Punisher at odds with not just Hydra but also Tony Stark now.

Hit-Girl Is Teaming Up With…Kevin Smith?

Hit-Girl: The Golden Rage of Hollywood was unveiled to be a four-part mini-series by creator Mark Millar and Director Kevin Smith. The short/ill-tempered anti-heroine from the Kick-Ass comics brings her brutal brand of justice to Hollywood.

The story finds the justice-seeking adolescent super-assassin storm movie sets and wage war on Hollywood producers trying to cash in on her adventures by making a movie about her. The new series will feature some familiar faces from the original Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl series by Millar and John Romita Jr., and each issue is a tribute to a different era of American cinema. Jeff Lemire and Eduardo Risso have also written an arc for Hit GirlHit Girl and Kick-Ass will be released monthly by Image Comics.

The Outsiders Are Coming Back!

DC Comics will launch a new Batman and the Outsiders series from the creative team of writer Bryan Edward Hill (Detective Comics) and artist Dexter Soy (Red Hood and the Outsiders).

Batman and the Outsiders will spin out of Hill’s current run on Detective Comics and will star the same superheroes featured in his “On The Outside” story arc: Black Lightning, Signal, Orphan, and Katana.

The Outsiders has always been a popular DC Comics street level team since the 1970s. It’s described as a team book with Batman, but the safety is off. Meaning, expect to see Bats and his team deal all kinds of beat downs on the mean streets of Gotham.

Wolverine Returns With An All-New Suit.

Wolverine, not lady Wolverine, not old man Logan, THE Wolverine is back. Kind of. He’s got flame claws for some reason and a new uninspired suit that looks like a poor man’s douche bag era Cyclops suit.

Harley Quinn Gets Damned

This September DC Comics will launch their new mature readers imprint Black Label. It will begin with Batman: Damned #1 by Luthor and Joker collaborators Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo. The prestige format limited series takes place outside of the main DC continuity, and begins with the shocking and mysterious death of the Joker.

Batman will have to join forces with DC Comics resident mystic, John Constantine to solve the mysterious case. The two will travel through the supernatural underworld of Gotham and come face to face with numerous magical beings of the DC Universe. And what would a Joker story be without Harley Quinn? The clown princess of crime takes a dark turn and a darker makeover in damned. Gone are the pigtails and booty shorts, this new Harley has a Day of the Dead inspired look that makes her very unsettling. What will Harley do with Joker gone? Or should the question be, who does Harley take her vengeance out on first?

That’s all the news for today boys and girls but stay tuned for more only on!


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