Hulu to revive Veronica Mars?

Like or not, we all owe Fuller House a thank you. That show has opened all the doors you can think of for old series long thought dead. With all the shows of yesteryear getting reboots, sequels, and or revivals you can now add Veronica Mars to the list.

Despite having a big screen film in addition to the series, rumor has it that streaming service Hulu is now looking to revive the cult classic series. The talks have heated up so much that series star Kristen Bell is now very close to reprising the title character.

But don’t worry The Good Place fans, a possible revival of Mars won’t affect her duties on that series.

Created by Rob Thomas (iZOMBIE) Veronica Mars was a critical darling and developed a devoted following during its three-season run from 2004-2007 on UPN and then on the CW.

Fueled by fan support, a successful Kickstarter campaign for a movie sequel launched in 2013 by Thomas and Bell raised $3.7 million in a matter of hours. The film, toplined by Bell and featuring a number of other original cast members, was released by Warner Bros in 2014.

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