Gotham is getting invaded by Mutants!

Gotham will be getting invaded by mutants in its upcoming final season!

No not those mutants from the X-Men spinoff The Gifted.

These mutants who comic book fans might remember from the classic Frank Miller graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns.

The fifth and final season of Gotham is set to put out all the stops. The set photos feature an enormous man who has never been seen on the show before. He has a metallic visor over his eyes and a spiked mohawk on his head. Shirtless, and towering over the other characters on the set, it seems very likely that this is the character known as Mutant Leader. Check out images of the mutant leader below:

Gotham will adapt the classic No Man’s Land storyline. The city is rampant with anarchy as it continues to crumble. Including the mutants actually, make sense for this storyline. The villains are running things so multiple factions are fighting for power. Despite the mutants not appearing until DKR (Dark Knight Returns) that saw a much older Batman having to contend with them.

Rumors also suggest the final season will introduce Bane, although it’s not known in what capacity at this time.

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