Is Tom Cruise the next Green Lantern

DC Films is determined to redeem Green Lantern. To do it, they have set their sights on Mission Impossible star, Tom Cruise.

Cruise previously walked away from negotiations when the studio shifted the preference to Mark Wahlberg before that too fell through.

Per Batman

According to Crazy Days and Nights, Tom Cruise is (or was?) the front runner to play Green Lantern. With McQuarrie involved at one point, this definitely seems plausible. McQuarrie and Cruise have collaborated on about 7 movies now, and it’s not hard to imagine McQuarrie would want Cruise to star in Green Lantern Corps if he were to direct.

There is a catch, however. If true, major spoilers follow. Read on if you choose…

According to the new rumor, the Green Lantern Corps script calls for Cruise’s Green Lantern to die, and he doesn’t want to. Apparently that part of the script would need to change for him to sign on. This is where the rumor gets a bit sketchy. It’s unclear if this is old info referring to David Goyer’s Green Lantern Corps script, or the new one that Geoff Johns is writing now.

Rumor or not… McQuarrie has expressed interest in directing Man of Steel 2 or Green Lantern Corps recently while promoting his new hit, Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Are you excited for a new Green Lantern film? Is Cruise your ideal Hal Jordan? Let us know in the comments.