Is Blumhouse looking to scoop up more classic horror franchises?

Blumhouse has become synonymous with producing low budget horror films and making a major profit. Now, it appears like the creepy house Jason Blum built, might be looking to acquire the rights to classic horror films from yesteryear.

Blumhouse has already snatched up Halloween which looks amazing! While conducting a Twitter Q & A with fans, Blum expressed interest in scooping up properties such as Friday The 13th, Scream, Alien and more! I still would love to see an new Friday the 13th film set in the early 80’s. And it’s not so much out of the realm of possibility. Blum has stated many times he has tried to wrestle away the rights for Friday The 13th, currently tied up in a legal mess.

Could you imagine though if Blumhouse was able to acquire all these characters other studios have failed miserably with? He could potentially create the ultimate horror shared universe.

Of course all of this hinges on the reception Blumhouse’s Halloween receives this October. Check out the trailer for the new Halloween below:

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