H.G. Wells The Time Machine is coming to the small screen?

Sky TV is apparently in the very early stages of developing a new television series based on H.G. Wells The Time Machine. The classic novella has previously been adapted for the big screen twice, now it will try its hand at the small screen.

The story follows an English scientist in Victorian England who constructs a machine that can move both forwards and backward in time. When the curious scientist travels far into the future he witnesses the devolution of mankind. Half the populace are known as the weaker and oblivious Eloi and the cannibalistic underdwellers known as the Morlocks.

The BBC Worldwide-backed production company is developing the project with Nick Payne, the British playwright who recently wrote Toni Collette-fronted BBC drama Wanderlust, and director Kibwe Tavares, who has been involved in Mammoth Screen’s adaptation of Noughts & Crosses for the BBC.

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