Comic Book News Round-Up 8/16/18

Buffy/Dark Horse union is over? Cable gets younger! Thanos’ Black Order is getting a series! Finally will the real Bumblebee please stand up? This is your quick comic book news round-up from HipsterZOMBIEJoint.

FOX stakes the Dark Horse Buffy The Vampire series

Despite ending in 2003 on television, Buffy and her Scooby Gang have continued to fight against the forces of evil at Dark Horse comics. They even had series creator Joss Whedon spearheading it. However, that appears to be coming to an abrupt end as FOX has decided to pull the license to the property. Whedon didn’t elaborate why this is happening but it could be because of the planned Buffy-centric sequel series FOX is currently working on. The Dark Horse Buffy comic will end this September.

“Similar to the show, we’re not going to close it all off in the sense of ‘Everybody’s dead!”‘ though we did think about doing that,” Whedon said. “But when I sat down with Chris Gage, it was with the intent that after everything we’ve been through we wanted to have something to say that mirrors and rounds off where we started this comic [run]. And then they said, ‘You have four issues,’ and it was like ‘Ohhh. That’s all the time we have.'”

Will the real Bumblebee please stand up?

Hasbro and DC Comics have settled a trademark lawsuit, in which the Transformers toymaker sought to block sales of a Mattel doll based on the DC superhero Bumblebee, a teenage girl with the ability to shrink. The Teen Titans character has found some new found notoriety on the popular DC Superhero Girls cartoon series. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. Interesting note though, the DC Comics Bumblebee actually predates the Transformers one. The DC character debuted in 1977 whereas the loveable Autobot didn’t make his debut until 1983.

Examination’s mystery X-Men character revealed

The biggest problem with time-traveling jackasses is that no matter how good their intentions might be, they always find a way to royally screw things up. When comes to messing up the X-Men’s already convoluted timeline something drastic must be done. Enter the mystery character! After killing Cable, the hooded mystery character captures the younger time displaced Iceman and throws him into a container with 4 other just like next to Iceman. The hooded figure is revealed to be a much younger Nathan Summers who is now on the hunt for the remaining four time-traveling young X-Men. Confused yet?

Thanos kids get their own book

The Black Order, who made their cinematic debut in Avengers Infinity War, are now getting their own limited series. It is written by Derek Landy and artist Philip Tan. Here is the synopsis for the title:

Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, Black Dwarf and Black Swan are now under orders from the Grandmaster, who will look to dispatch the Black Order on a new mission, but they may discover someone even more ruthless in their way.

Black Order #1 by Derek Landy and Philip Tan goes on sale November 7 from Marvel Comics.

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