Stephen King’s The Stand is coming to CBS All Access?

Stephen King’s The Stand, has been a series long-gestating at streaming service, CBS All Access. Before that, it was even optioned for a big screen adaptation by actor/director Ben Affleck.

However, Deadline is reporting the series is now looking at a 2019 debut. Considered by many to be Stephen King’s best work, The Stand tells the story of survivors left in the wake of a virus that wipes out 99.4 percent of the world’s population. It features some of King’s most memorable and well-developed characters, including the villainous Randall Flagg who in different forms and other names has appeared in a number of King’s other novels. Beyond character development, it is also considered to be one of King’s most philosophical stories and providing masterful insight into the human condition.

The Stand would be another factor when buyers are trying to decide which streaming service to pay for. CBS All Access has the market cornered on Star Trek, but they would be wise to appeal to more people than just Trekkies.