Legendary leaves Universal; returns to Warner Bros

Despite leaving Warner Bros for Universal, it appears that Legendary Pictures is now headed back to Warner Bros.

Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Something Legendary learned when the partnership with Universal never seemed to click. Maybe it was because Legendary continued to release films through WB such as Kong Skull Island and soon the animated Detective Pikachu. Despite no deal being officially signed, it’s safe to say Legendary will end up back with WB. Legendary currently has no new films set up at Universal.

One of the factor to Legendary leaving WB is no longer with the company. Legendary’s Thomas Tull and WB’s former studio chief Jeff Robinov who both built up some bad blood for each other during the original partnership. Since then Toby Emmerich has taken over Robinov’s role at WB and Josh Grode has stepped in for Tull.