Host Chris Hardwick makes tearful return to AMC’s The Talking Dead

After a rough couple of weeks of having his name dragged through the mud and being shelved by AMC, Nerdist, and San Diego Comic-Con, talk show host Chris Hardwick made his return to host the Talking Dead, an aftershow for The Walking Dead and its spin-off Fear The Walking Dead. Hardwick opened up the show with a tearful monologue that seemed genuine enough, despite not actually commenting on the accusations brought up against him by his ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra.

Dykstra accused Hardwick of sexual abuse when they were together. When she published her accusations on social media she did so without mentioning Hardwick by name, but people put two and two together and knew who she was referring to. This set off a chain reaction that had Hardwick dismissed from his hosting duties on AMC, dismissed from his hosting duties at Comic-Con this past year, and temporarily had all mention of him removed from Nerdist, a website he used to be very much involved with.

Despite this, Hardwick has since refuted any accusations thrown at him and has returned to his hosting duties on AMC. Dykstra however still stands by what she says.

Is this a correct course of action by AMC? Or is Hardwick a victim of the #MeTooMovement? Let us know what you think in the comments.