Family Guy is getting set to come to the big screen?

Like their FOX counterparts, The Simpsons, Family Guy is getting ready to make the jump to the silver screen.

Two weeks ago, the studio’s shareholders approved a $71.3 billion merger with Disney, in which Fox would give up control of its movie and TV assets. The approaching acquisition has left the Fox team with many unanswered questions, as well as fears of mass layoffs and project cancelations.

But underneath all the gloom was some intriguing news about one of Fox’s biggest hits. According to the WSJ, the studio is currently working on a Family Guy feature film that is expected to be half live-action, and half animation. This definitely sounds promising.

The Family Guy project is one of several Fox TV series that is expected to hit the big screen, joining the previously announced Bob’s Burgers movie and The Simpsons 2.

As exciting as it is that these films could happen, their fate ultimately lies in the hands of Disney. They will choose if any of these projects see the light of day.