Is Chris Pine & Chris Hemsworth leaving Star Trek?

Trouble is brewing for the 4th Star Trek film. They might be without a Captain Kirk.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Paramount Pictures and Skydance Media requested actors Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth (who was to reprise his role of George Kirk from JJ Abrams Star Trek reboot) take a pay cut for the 4th installment. The reasoning was due to Star Trek Beyond’s lukewarm box office.

Both actors are said to have walked away from the negotiating table. The rest of the cast is set to return but recasting the roles of Captain Kirk and his father would be a very glaring change. One of the great things about the new Trek is the chemistry between the cast members. If this results in canceling the 4th film it will be a black eye on the franchise as a whole. If I was Paramount I’d pay both actors what that are asking for before one if their respective DC or Marvel films cause their price to go up even more.