Lady Gaga turned down role of Black Canary in Birds of Prey film

A report is circulating that pop singer Lady Gaga was offered the role of either Black Canary or Huntress in the upcoming Cathy Yan directed Birds of Prey film. However, Gaga declined approximately 3 months ago showing little to no interest in joining the DC Cinematic Universe.

In the past couple of years, Lady Gaga has made a few changes to her career. The biggest of which has been her leap into acting. After appearing in a couple seasons of the hit horror, drama series American Horror Story, the singer is stepping things up and is set to star in the feature movie A Star Is Born later this year alongside Bradley Cooper.

Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey film currently only has one actress signed on. Margot Robbie is returning to the DC Universe to reprise her role as Harley Quinn. Quinn will be teaming up with Gotham resident superheroines, Huntress and Black Canary. The heroines are reportedly going up against the crime lord, Black Mask.

Despite looking the part, Gaga might not have been the best choice for these two superheroines. Gaga is still coming into her acting career and probably wouldn’t be able to handle the physicality needed for Huntress or Black Canary. Both heroines are very skilled in hand to hand combat.

Gaga can next be seen in A Star Is Born hitting theaters October 5th, 2018.