Comic Book News Round-Up 8/10/18

X-Men are getting their Uncanny groove back, Nuclear Man still sucks, and Supergirl goes retro. This is your look at the comic book news week that was!

X-Men: Disassembled

Marvel Comics has announced a new 10-part Uncanny X-Men story arc titled X-Men: Disassembled. The arc will bring together nearly all the remaining mutants left on Earth for a story that could “very well be the X-Men’s final mission.”

The press release goes on to tease that not all the mutants who appear in the arc will make it out alive for Uncanny X-Men proper.

Uncanny X-Men #1 goes on sale this November.

Nuclear Man Still Sucks



Maybe Nuclear Man’s final resting place should have been in the Donnor-verse. The 80’s reject was revived by Bendis but didn’t get the welcome back parade we thought he’d get.

Midway through issue #2 Bendis’ Superman, the focus moves from the Big Blue Boy Scout to Rogol Zaar, following his trajectory after he was transported into the Phantom Zone by Supergirl in The Man of Steel #6. Once he finally lands on solid ground, he realizes he hasn’t received an honorable warrior’s death; instead, he was sent to the place “where Krypton threw away their terrible secrets,” and among those terrible secrets was none other than Nuclear Man.

The two villains size each other up and viciously lay into each other, and at first, they appear to be evenly matched. However, it doesn’t take long for the tides to turn in Rogol Zaar’s favor.

He claps his massive fists together against Nuclear Man’s head, and in doing so, causes a massive nuclear explosion. Then, as Rogol Zaar looks upon the charred body of his latest victim, he utters, “That… was satisfying.”

Well, at least Nuclear Man wasn’t thrown into a nuclear reactor this time. However, he still went out like a punk.

Supergirl’s New/Old Costume

Following the events of The Man of Steel mini-series, Kara Zor-El is looking for answers. Although she was the one who defeated new villain Rogol Zaar, the revelation that he was the one behind the destruction of Krypton prompts Kara to decide to leave Earth behind and travel to space in order to discover whether the alien villain was telling the truth. There is a larger conspiracy around Rogol Zaar, Kara believes and she’s determined to unravel it. To do so, she must venture far away, to places she has never gone before. And in doing, she may not always be near a yellow sun, the power source that continuously charges her body with superpowers.

In order to keep her powers, no matter what corner of space she may find herself in, Kara slips into a different costume: a solar collector suit that looks quite similar to the first costume the original Supergirl wore in her first appearances, back in 1959.

The most important feature of this new/old costume is the glowing emblem, which serves as a yellow solar battery. As she heads back to the stars, it’s fitting that Kara would don a costume that is almost exactly like the one she wore when she first landed on Earth. Plus who doesn’t love Supergirl’s retro costume?