Director James Gunn News Round Up

Director James Gunn is all over the news recently. All because of a tweets he did years ago. Which might be Gunn’s saving grace.

Marvel Studios is rumored to be trying to get Disney to come to an understanding with the fired director. Marvel Studios really want to bring Gunn back into the fold.

Marvel Studios is rumored to be committed to Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 script. Actor Dave Bautista, who has been very outspoken since Gunn’s firing, said he would quit if Gunn’s script was not used.

But not all the news is bad for Gunn. Apparently rumors are swirling that Warner Bros/DC Films want to court Gunn into bringing his unique vision to the DC Universe. However, Gunn is unable to entertain any offers until the Disney matter is completely resolved.

If Gunn is able to jump ship to DC, if I’m Warner Bros, I give Gunn Green Lantern. Don’t get in his way, let him do what he does, and wait for the first great Green Lantern film.