Academy Awards announce new category “Best Popular Film”

Best. Popular. Film. No joke, this is a new Academy Awards category. Kind of insulting to the other films if you think about. Like, your film is artsy and thought provoking, however it’s not popular like these other films. I’m glad the academy has taken notice of viewer complaints and wanted to make the awards show a little more exciting but I don’t think this is the way you do it.

Per Screen Rant:

The one thing that the Academy has clarified is that (unsurprisingly) Best Popular Film is an adjunct Oscar, not a parallel one. A film can be in contention and indeed win both Popular Film and the regular Best Picture. This is the same situation as with Best Foreign Language Feature and Best Animated Feature, where films that qualify for the respective awards are also eligible for the big prize (although no film from either descriptive has ever won).

Why can’t Best Popular Film be apart of the Best Picture category? It doesn’t make sense on both sides. It’s demeaning on both sides of the fence. Again, I applaud the Academy for trying something new but this is not it. If they want to truly add new and innovative categories add something like Best Motion Capture Actor or Best Stuntman Performer.

The Academy is finally showing signs of change, but it might not be for the better.