Man of Steel star wants to star in Netflix’s Witcher series

Actor Henry Cavill is a star on the rise. After his stint as Superman and his fan favorite turn in the latest Mission Impossible, his name is at the top of everyone’s casting list.

However, there is one role Cavill appears to have his sights on. The leading role in Netflix’s The Witcher as monster hunter Geralt.

Per IGN:

Speaking to IGN for Mission: Impossible Fallout, Cavill revealed that he just recently played through The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt again, and admitted his fondness of the fantasy series. And when asked if he would be interested in playing its star man Geralt, Cavill responded with a lightning-fast “absolutely,” before saying, “that would be an amazing role.”

The actor also revealed that in addition to playing the games, he has read the orginal book series by Andrzej Sapkowski, which the CD Projekt Red trilogy are based on. In other words, apparently not only is Cavill a fan of The Witcher, but he’s a big fan.

Check out this fan art below of Cavill as Geralt.

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