Villain of the Birds of Prey film revealed?

More and more news continues to come to light about the upcoming Cathy Yan directed superheroine team-up film, Birds of Prey. Margot Robbie is set to reprise her role as Harley Quinn. And now we have a villain…

Long time Batman villain Black Mask. Of all the bat villains rumored for the film, Black Mask has been the most consistent one floated around.

The Black Mask (real name: Roman Sionis) is a villain from the Batman series. He was the greedy son of a very wealthy couple, that died in a fire, in which he caused intentionally. He got their money and their company, but went bankrupt. His company was saved by Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Sionis hates him for that. His mask is carved out of the black coffin of his father. Despite being sent to Arkham Asylum, his mild insanity is overshadowed by his greed that he was often reconsidered to be relocated to a regular prison instead of an institution due to knowingly and competently committing his crimes.

Birds of Prey will introduce both The Huntress and Black Canary into the DC Cinematic Universe. The film is set to go into production this January.