Comic Book News Round-Up 8/3/18

A name change here, a costume change there and the slow death of once respectable comic book writer’s career?Yup, it’s time for a new column on titled Comic Book News Round-Up. This won’t be a weekly or daily column on the site so don’t get your hopes up.

Don’t Call Her Spider-Gwen

I stopped reading Marvel Comics around the time of Avengers Disassembled so a lot of these new characters are lost on me. Why or how a “Spider-Gwen” happened is a mystery to me. Besides the cool costume I could never buy into the character based on the name. How the hell can your secret identity be apart of your superhero name? That’s like Super-Clark, DUMB. Luckily some people at Marvel who actually write comics still is putting an end to this and giving her a name change. She is now known as Ghost Spider! Okay it’s generic as can be, but it’s better than Spider-Gwen.

The image, which can be seen above, has a simple piece of text attached. Marvel writes, “Ghost Spider debuts” — and that is a name fans of Gwen will not be familiar with.

Red Hood Is Getting A New Costume!

No it isn’t Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it’s Red Hood! After coming back from the dead many years ago Jason Todd has run rampant around the DCU with a weird red bucket on his head and acting as Punisher-lite. Seeing as to how DC already has that type of character running around toting guns (Deathstroke, Deadshot, Grifter, Deathblow, KGBeast, Heatwave, Captain Cold, Mr. Freeze, Zealot, etc.) Red Hood needed to do something to stand out. So why not a new costume. The images, which debuted in this week’s DC Nation magazine, have popped up online already. An upcoming change in Jason Todd’s methods, locale, and partners called for a new look and new weapons — and that was a challenge. The idea, according to the feature in DC Nation, was to distinguish him from the rest of the Batman family while also retaining his Bat-family features. Red Hood and the Outlaws #26, will be the first issue featuring Jason Todd’s new costume.

Not The SuperBendis We Were Promised!

Despite a giant media push that would make the Second Coming Of Christ seem small in comparison, Superman sales have stayed….the same. Not bad but not great either since DC Comics was under the impression it was 2003 and signed Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis to a lucrative deal. But it isn’t a complete fumble, despite the new Superman title not setting the world on fire, it is selling. And DC Comics can always use the excuse bringing Bendis over was the idea of dismissed former President Of DC Comics Diane Nelson if the Superman sales don’t improve.