Undertaker’s Evil and Republican Brother just became a Mayor

WWE’s Kane has accomplished many things in life. He has Won single titles, tag team titles, and survived countless Hell in a Cell matches. But he has just one is most impressive battle yet!

Kane or Glenn Jacobs as he’s known outside of the ring is the new Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. He defeated his opponent, Linda Haney, with about twice as many votes. Jacobs said he was considering running for the mayoral seat in 2016 but wanted to wait until after the presidential election to decide. He ultimately announced his mayoral bid in April of 2017. “Now this is the part where many politicians will stand up here and tell you all the grandiose things that they’re going to do just by snapping their fingers,” he told the crowd the night of his announcement. “I’m not going to do that because that would be unrealistic and disingenuous.” He spoke of reducing taxes and non-essential government spending as well as job creation. Check out his campaign video below:

Jacobs plans to commit to his new role but said the WWE will always play a part in his life. Hopefully, he doesn’t do a heel turn while in office and revert back to evil alter ego, Kane!