HipZOMJoint Movie Review: The Night Eats The World

French Zombie film The Night Eats The World by director Dominique Rocher is a very quiet and introspective take on a post apocalyptic world. The zombie don’t even moan or shuffle. They instead run aimlessly at their victims with only the sound of the chomping teeth being heard.

The plot is simple. A man falls asleep at a party in a Paris apartment building and awakens to find the rest of world’s population has been infected by a zombie virus.

The film stars Anders Danielsen Lie as Sam. He arrives at his ex-apartment during a party to pick up his things. After passing out he wakes to a world overrun with zombies. He sees people in other buildings outside desperately trying to escape only to be swallowed up by hordes of the undead.

The rest of the film sees Sam securing the apartment complex, scrounging for food, and trying to stay one step ahead of the undead outside. It’s a very introspective film that sees the character of Sam trying to do anything to keep himself from going mad.

So many zombie films always seem to deal with a group trying to survive. It a quiet but refreshing take to see how one many who isn’t a scientist or soldier trying to deal with the notion that the world around him is dead. There is nothing special about Sam, he’s just an everyday guy trying to survive. The ending has a nice twist that will either leave viewers angry or pleased with the outcome. Without giving anything away I found it to be inspirational and thought provoking in a good way.

With that said HipZOMJoint gives The Night Eats The World a strong 7.5 out of 10.