First look at the cast of Terminator 6

TERMINATOR 6’s first look at Linda Hamilton’s returning Sarah Connor has been revealed for Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron’s sequel.


Shooting on the sixth Terminator movie is currently underway, a film that acts as a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day, erasing all the horrible sequels that have occurred ever since.

Shared on the untitled Terminator movie’s Twitter page is a picture of the 61-year-old Hamilton in combat gear, holding a shotgun.

She’s joined by Blade Runner 2049’s Mackenzie Davis, who plays a character called Grace (Davis is shown in the middle wearing the white tank top.)

Meanwhile on her left is Natalia Reyes, the film’s lead, who works at Arius Motors.

Her character lives in Mexico City and gets caught up in the war Sarah’s known about for years. Schwarzenegger is also confirmed to return. The big question however is where is Sarah’s son, John Connor? Did Sarah possibly send him away into hiding? Or is he dead?

We will find out when the Untitled Terminator 6 arrives in theaters in 2019.