Is Henry Cavill done with Superman?!?

Mission Impossible Fallout star Henry Cavill is rumored to be hanging up the cape and calling it a day as Superman.

Cavill never got a fair shack as the Man of Steel. His first film as Superman was a great reintroduction to the character but left fans polarized. The follow-up film, Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice was turned into a crossover turned into a Justice League introduction turned into a messy final product that left fans confused and unsatisfied. Then we all know what happened with the disaster that was Justice League and Cavill’s Mustache-Gate.

Despite the Justice League’s shortcomings, it did finally give fans the hopeful Superman they had been craving. So much so that speculation began that WB would finally announce a proper long overdue follow-up to Man of Steel at this past Comic-Con. But the Con has come and gone with no word of any Superman film.

A rumor from Revenge of the Fans offered that Henry Cavill and Warner Bros. are playing hardball in regards to contract negotiations for his return to Superman for a Man of Steel 2. It’s said that Cavill’s manager wants him to be paid as an A-lister, but that WB doesn’t feel the same, so things are in a stalemate. It’s also been speculated that the success of Mission: Impossible – Fallout may factor into WB resigning Henry Cavill, with it now looking likely the M:IF film will be a success, which may mean the ball is now in WB’s court to resign Cavill, but the question has come about if they will.

Cavill has stated he would love to have another crack at Superman, but with his name now on the rise and rumored to be up as the next James Bond, Cavill might just leave the indecisive WB/DC films behind.