Dark Phoenix & The New Mutants are NOT scrapped after all!

Despite rumors of their demise, both Dark Phoenix & The New Mutants are still both set to debut in theaters in 2019.

IMAX released its quarterly earnings report, providing investors with the upcoming slate of movies, and this 2019 forecast has X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants included with their respective release dates. The unsubstantiated rumors suggested the films could be released on home video someday as the Marvel Cinematic Universe wanted to distance itself from them.

But, as we can see, this isn’t the case, with the release dates being the same as the last shuffle Fox arranged. Dark Phoenix was moved in March from its original release date of Nov. 2, 2018, to Feb. 14, 2019The New Mutants, originally targeted for release April 13 of this year, was previously shifted to Feb. 22, 2019, before ultimately landing on Aug. 2, 2019.

Speculation spread like wildfire that after the Disney/FOX merger, Disney would simply cut their losses with the two films that have endured troubled productions. Dark Phoenix was rumored to be bland and suffering from a forgettable third act. Whereas The New Mutants was rumored to have so much production and script issues that more than half of the film had to be re-shot.