A Plethora of Comic Book News from SDCC 2018

What’s Comic-Con without comic-book news?!? So much amazing news tidbits exploded out of San Diego Comic-Con 2018 and HipsterZOMBIEJoint is here to divulge all the news you might have missed!

Grant Morrison is writing Green Lantern

Prolific writer, Grant Morrison is returning to the DC Universe.

Morrison is poised to make his long awaited return in a big way, teaming with artist Liam Sharp to launch The Green Lantern, a new series designed to explore the titular hero’s role as a “space cop.” But while you might be forgiven if you expect Morrison and Sharp to drop Hal Jordan neck-deep into the sort of massive, grand storylines space exploration and alien cultures tend to lend themselves to, the creative team claims their new series will actually be much more modest in scale.

“Instead of the big, epic, 12-part stories, we’re focusing down on the everyday life of a space cop,” Morrison told IGN. “Basically, it’s no more apocalypse-ending storylines. The basic concept is that [Hal Jordan] is like a space cop that patrols a sector of the universe where anything can happen. We’ve made it more like a police procedural.”

Uncanny X-Men Returns

The grand-daddy X-Men book, Uncanny X-Men, is coming back! With Jean Grey returning it looks like the X-Men are returning to status quo. Rumors suggest both Cyclops and Charles Xavier will also be returning at some point. No creative team has been revealed at this time.

Comixology Announces Creator-Owned Line of books

Digital comic book service, Comixology, is launching its own line of creator-owned titles. Titles range from kid-friendly books to dark and gritty titles.

The announced titles are Goliath Girls by writer Sam Humphries and artist Alti Firmansyah, Grave Danger by writer Tim Seeley and Mike Norton, Hit Reblog: Comics That Caught Fire by writer and artist Megan Kearney and Teenage Wasteland by writer Magdalene Visaggio and artist Jen Vaughn. All titles are available to read now and are free for Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited and comiXology Unlimited subscribers. Each title can also be purchased via Kindle or the comiXology storefront.

The company also announced comiXology Originals slated to be released in coming months. Those titles include The Dark by writer Mark Sable and artist Kristian Donaldson, Delver by co-writers C. Spike Trotman and MK Reed (Tish Doolin provides art for the series) and The Stone King by writer Kel McDonald and artist Tyler Crook.

Marvel ZOMBIES is getting a reboot

Marvel Zombies are coming rising from the dead again but this time in a bold, terrifying new way.

Eisner-nominated writer W. Maxwell Prince (One Week in the Library) is teaming up with fan-favorite artist Stefano Raffaele (Hawkeye) to relaunch the horror-tinged alternate Marvel Universe this October. While the original twisted alternate Earth saw humanity eradicated as all of iconic Marvel heroes and villains were turned to cannibalistic, undead versions of themselves, the new comic book series promises a very different vision. The cover, illustrated by Juan Ferreyra, and full solicitation information from Marvel for the debut issue is below:

Years after an incurable zombie virus ravaged the world, a small colony of survivors is protected by the Marvel U’s few remaining heroes, including Spider-Man, Daredevil and the Falcon. But when their last chance at salvation arrives, will they be willing to sacrifice their own humanity in the process? From the twisted minds of ICE CREAM MAN writer W. Maxwell Prince and Stefano Raffaele (Generations: Hawkeye) comes the next macabre obsession for fans of The Walking Dead and The Road!

Batman/Joker series by Mark Silvestri

”As you’ve probably guessed, I’m working on Batman. It’s a Batman/Joker team up. We’d talked about it and I couldn’t believe that it hadn’t been done before at least not a serious level,” Silvestri said. “It would be full of dramatic and comedic moments. I’ve been wanting to do this story for 20 years.”

Silvestri explained, “The premise is that someone is screwing around with the Joker really hard and Joker can’t deal with it. He can’t handle it. So Joker makes it so that Batman has to help him. Joker takes Jim Gordon and holds him hostage — not even Joker knows where he is — and uses that to make Batman help him. Little pieces of Gordon keep showing up and Joker says ‘look, we’re going to run out of pieces that aren’t important here soon.’

Marvel announces the return of ”What If?”

Marvel Comics recently announced it will bring back its popular What If? comic book series in the form of six one-shots slated for release later this year. Today, the publisher revealed new cover art and additional story details for the six announced titles.

The six titles are What If? Magik, What If? X-Men, What If? Thor, What If? Ghost Rider, What If? Spider-Man and What If? The Punisher. The new story details reveal a little more about the previously announced one-shots, while the art provides a better look at these strange, off-shoot characters and their origins.

Joss Whedon is writing a Dr. Horrible comic-book

In the new comic, titled Dr. Horrible: Best Friends Forever, the status quo will be upset once again. The enmity between Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer apparently is, and has always been, a deep friendship. When Whedon made his announcement today at Comic-Con International in San Diego, he offered no clues about how this came about, but was glad to poke fun at his characters: “Each member of the Hammerverse — sorry, Doc, that’s what it’s called, he registered it — is a delightful, bigger than life character, but more importantly, on a very human level, they’re idiots.”


Marvel Knights are making a comeback!

Marvel is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their Marvel Knights line of comics by bringing it back, with Venom and Thanos writer Donny Cates as the line’s new “showrunner.”

Cates will be personally be choosing the writers for the new Marvel Knights, with Tini Howard (Assassinistas, Euthanauts), Matthew Rosenberg (Phoenix: Resurrection, Punisher), and Vita Ayala (The Wilds, Batman Beyond) tabbed as the initial writers for the relaunched line. The relaunch will feature many of the same characters as the original Marvel Knights, which included Daredevil, Punisher, Black Panther, Ghost Rider, Elektra and more.

Shazam is getting a new series courtesy of Geoff Johns

At the Geoff Johns Spotlight panel at Comic-Con International at San Diego, the writer revealed that he will be writing a long awaited Shazam monthly ongoing series for DC Comics with his former Justice Society of America collaborator, Dale Eaglesham.

The new series, which will debut this November, will finally pay off the introduction of the new Shazam and his “Shazam family” that Johns set up early in his Justice League run back in the New 52 in 2012. In the new revamped version of the Shazam mythos that debuted in Johns’ Justice League run (along with artist Gary Frank, who designed all of the characters for the reboot), Billy and the others are all foster siblings. Billy is a bit more cynical than past depictions, but in his heart, he is still a good kid. Thus, when he meets the Wizard, he is still granted the powers of Shazam. When Black Adam shows up and tries to get the power for himself, the villain kidnaps Billy’s foster siblings and threatens to kill them if Billy does not give the power of Shazam to him. Instead, Billy realizes that his foster siblings are his true family and shares the powers with them instead, creating the Shazam Family. Each one of his siblings has a piece of his power now.

We will see the group in action in the ongoing Shazam series, which will drop on November 21st.

Monstress writer makes comic book history!


The Asian-American author, Marjorie Liu took home the Eisner Award for a comic book series that centers women and characters of color.

Liu was recognized for her work on “Monstress,” a comic book series that gained critical acclaim for its commentary on feminism and race. The ongoing series contains few white or male characters and puts women ― particularly Asian women ― at the center.

Its illustrator, Sana Takeda, took home the awards for Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (interior art) and Best Cover Artist, while the series won for Best Publication for Teens and Best Continuing Series. The awards were presented at Comic-Con in San Diego.