RUMOR: FOX is considering scraping both Dark Phoenix and New Mutants?!?

It looks like if your x-film isn’t Deadpool, you might be on the outside looking in. The merger between FOX and Disney is expected to happen this Friday and the Singer-verse X-Men series might be fading away as a result.

It’s no secret Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, is chomping at the bit to introduce the X-Men into the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) but when it happens it will be through the way of a reboot.

The Dark Phoenix film, directed by Simon Kinberg is rumored to have fallen on tough times. The film is dealing with massive scheduling conflicts and an entire third act the many within FOX have repeatedly said: “Just doesn’t work.” It was so bad apparently the film had to be pushed back by a couple of months for reshoots.

Meanwhile, the other x-film that was supposed to have come out this past April, The New Mutants, directed by Josh Boone, has been pushed back to late 2019. FOX was also rumored to not be thrilled with the horror/superhero film and ordered most of the film to be reshot. The result has left Boone furious with all the studio head meddling. Check out the trailer below:

Shockingly, now, it’s being reported that FOX might just cut their losses with both films and scrap them entirely.

Disney’s been getting more involved in FOX’s films ever since the merger came together and they aren’t pleased with Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants, with insiders saying that the latter is as bad as 2015’s Fantastic Four reboot and the former is also a bit of a disaster. As such, both parties feel, at the moment, that it may just be better to cancel both movies, instead of spending millions to save them during reshoots and post-production.

Now, this is strictly just a rumor at this time, one that a lot of media outlets are jumping on. But at this moment it looks like the only thing that might carry over into the MCU intact is Deadpool.