Mark Hamill wasn’t Orange Vader at Comic-Con?!?

I guess the Star Wars actor, Mark Hamill, was off getting power converters because, despite online rumors, he was not really at Comic-Con dressed as “Orange Vader.”

Via the San Diego Union-Tribune:

The San Diego Union-Tribune was sorry to confirm Monday morning — indisputably — that Orange Vader was not Mark Hamill after all.

Ever the good sport, Hamill shared our report as only he could soon after it was published on Monday.

Via Hamill’s Twitter:

Breaking News: FANS SLAM SHAM-HAM SCAM- Actor Mark Hamill says it was all in good fun & simply a joke meant to playfully mind-trick his fans. He claims (without proof) most people enjoyed his massive San Diego Comic Con-Job!

Here’s the backstory.

Union-Tribune photographer K. C. Alfred has photographed the cosplayer in question, and it’s actually James Cherry of Redlands, California. Alfred photographed him in the same costume in 2017.

(For the record, Cherry goes by “Darth Trump” not Orange Vader.)


In short, what did we learn today? Jedis lie. Qui-Gon was a liar. Obi-Wan was a total liar. and Luke Skywalker was a liar so much he might as well been working for the dark side the whole time.