Marvel Comics just killed off who in Infinity Wars Prime #1?

When you are a new bad guy looking to prove yourself you make a statement. Not by taking out a hero. But by taking out the hero’s main antagonist!

Per Screen Rant:

Marvel’s biggest comic event of the year Infinity Wars has kicked off with the shocking death of Thanos. The Mad Titan’s death comes at the hands of a new character named Requiem. The decision to kill off Thanos is surprising to say the least, considering how important the character is to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In Infinity Wars: Prime #1, Adam Warlock and Doctor Strange investigate Soulworld and discuss what to do about the Infinity Stones. Adam Warlock leaves Strange with an ominous warning that Thanos will come looking for them. Meanwhile, Thanos is visited by a masked figure who goes by the name “Requiem.”Just as Thanos is planning to begin his conquest, Requiem surprises Thanos by stabbing him in the back and lopping off his head with a sword. As the Mad Titan takes his final breath, Thanos feels that he has died a “fine death.

The introduction of Requiem is sure to have massive repercussions for the Marvel Universe as a whole. Killing Thanos is more than enough to gain a reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Infinity Wars: Prime #1 is on sale now from Marvel.