AQUAMAN Trailer 1 Breakdown – Easter Eggs & Ten Things Missed

Mr. Sunday Movies breaks down all the things we missed from the first Aquaman trailer!

Comic-con gave us the reveal of the first official trailer for Aquaman 2018 and this is a trailer breakdown. And boy did it have waves and fish and easter eggs and references and things missed and Jason Momoa and Mera played by Amber Heard and links to the DCEU and Justice League and Batman V Superman and also Orm who’s Ocean Master and Black Manta who are the villains the Uniting the Seven (remember that?) but also Nicole Kidman as Atlana and Temuera Morrison and Willem Dafoe but he’s Willem Dafriend I make that joke in the video and there’s tridents and waves and monsters and fights and sharks and water and James Wan directed it plus there’s a Saw cameo and it’s sort of an origin movie there’s a lot of things even more things than all these things thanks for reading this but you shouldn’t have.