IT Chapter Two cast has a passing of the balloon

Some generations pass the torch. For the cast of Stephen King’s IT Chapter Two, it’s the passing of Pennywise the clown’s iconic red balloon.

When IT Chapter Two releases in theaters next year, it will cover the second half of Stephen King’s novel, where the Losers Club, after 27 years away, returns to the town of Derry to once again battle with Pennywise the Dancing Clown. The film is something of a passing of the torch as a talented group of adult actors joins the sequel to finish what their younger counterparts started. But because this is IT, the torch that is being passed is not a torch at all, but a balloon. Check out Beverly Marsh actress Sophia Lillis passing the red balloon to Jessica Chastain in the image below.

This photo from Jessica Chastain’s Twitter account is also kind of symbolic. Beyond just the metaphorical passing of the baton/balloon between the actresses, this image evokes the inescapability of the past in this story. The burdens and pain of childhood, represented by the balloon, carry on into adulthood/ They’re inescapable, so that even though Beverly is now a grown-up, that scared and abused little girl is still inside her. The same color dress also enforces this meaning.

Of course, it seems that although the baton is being passed to Jessica Chastain and the adult cast, Sophia Lillis and the rest of the young Losers Club are not out of the race. It’s looking quite likely that IT Chapter Two will feature flashbacks to the young Losers Club, so we will get more scenes with the fun cast from the first film while also getting to know the stellar adult newcomers.

IT Chapter Two is now filming and floats into theaters on September 6, 2019.