Check out Muse’s new music video for “Something Human”

Watch the music video for the new song “Something Human” now! The video is like a neon-colored futuristic Teen Wolf meets Fast and Furious combo. Listen to the song on your preferred digital service here: New album coming November 2018.

Per an interview with lead singer Matt Bellamy from Billboard:

The new video — one man’s quest to return a VHS tape before he turns into a werewolf — stays on the ‘80s nostalgia thread from the “Thought Contagion” video. What’s been the inspiration for these wild, highly stylistic videos? 

I feel like we’re moving into this age of virtual reality and also simulated reality, and that’s really one of the themes of the album, the idea of fantasy becoming real, simulations becoming something that’s part of our everyday life. Whether it be in the realms of science, where they’re simulating black holes, the beginning on the Big Bang and all that stuff, or whether it be in entertainment. I feel like this age is coming where the simulation really becomes fundamental to how we interact with our everyday lives, but also with our understanding of the universe and science and so on. For that very reason we live in age where because you can be anything or anywhere you want in a simulation, for me I want to go back to the early ‘80s and Back To The Future. I’m a big believer in meta-modernism, this idea that we’re now living in this age that’s defined by oscillations between two extreme poles, so doing something very retro but futuristic at the same time is definitive of the times we live in, rather than … we’ve moved beyond the point where it’s taboo to do something retro. So it’s exploring what it is about our times, that we can be anything we want and simulate any reality that we want. We’re on the cusp of that way of thinking, I’d say. 

So for me it’s like I’m going back to the earliest memories I have of the things that influenced me as a child, from films to music. … I think film music was as big an influence to me as pop or rock music on the charts. My earliest memories as a child are of watching films like E.T. or Back To The Future or Teen Wolf. … I think as I’ve gotten older it’s occurred to me how influential that period was on me from a musical point of view, because it was music that was coming into my mind with weird fantasy imagery as well. That’s played a big part in what Muse’s sound is about. Another odd side reason regarding the visual style is I feel like the age we’re in right now feels quite a bit like the early ‘80s, in terms of there’s some correlation in the political changes that are happening in the world, and there’s some sort of reaction where people are tuning out a bit to what’s going on because it’s too troubling and too complicated to understand. So some people are choosing to revert into nostalgia and fantasy and dream-like states to escape reality.