Cyclops to return in upcoming X-Men Event

When last we saw the X-Men’s fearless leader, Cyclops, he was staring down the Inhumans in the pages of Inhumans vs X-Men before he died. Then it was later revealed he went out like a punk dying in the arms of his lover, Emma Frost.

Cyclops was even brought back recently but immediately killed off in Phoenix Resurrection. The X-Men has been a convoluted mess for years with time displaced members, new leaders and team colors every two seconds. Now that appears like it might change.

Marvel Comics just released a new teaser for their upcoming Extermination event featuring the five original time-displaced X-Men.

The image features someone – presumably Scott Summers (?) – holding Cyclop’s iconic visor at his waist. Marvel released the image by Pepe Larraz and Marte Gracia with just the words “Set it Right”.

The teenage version of Cyclops, along with the other four original X-Men, has been stuck in the present day Marvel Universe after being displaced in time by the Beast. The older Cyclops died as a result of M-Pox, a disease stemming from exposure to Terrigen Mists.

Extermination involves time travel, and has been hinted as the end of the time-displaced X-Men’s tale.

The five-issue event begins in August.