HipZOMJoint Role Call 39: Casting A New Friday The 13th

Since it is Friday The 13th it seemed only fitting to do a long overdue Role Call. This time casting the roles for a new incarnation of Friday The 13th. A proper retro grindhouse version set in the early 80s at the doomed Crystal Lake campgrounds. My Friday The 13th would be a direct sequel to the original and include all the blood, sex, and annoyingly stupid characters that made Friday great, to begin with. Toss in some young actors and reality stars of today in the roles of Friday the 13th characters from throughout the franchise and we have the makings of a great horror reboot.

Alex Wolff as Tommy Jarvis (Friday The 13th part 6)

Wolff has shown he can hang in a horror movie as recently shown in Hereditary. He’d be great as the hero of Friday the 13th.

Aubrey Joseph as Julius Gaw (Friday The 13th part 8)

As the only man brave enough to take on Jason in a straight up fight, Gaw needs to be played by someone truly heroic. Why not Cloak and Dagger’s Aubrey Joseph?

Bella Thorne as Violet (Friday The 13th part 5)

Not too much is known about Violet. What we do know is she loves music and over the top fashion and makeup. Why not cast wild child Bella Thorne.

Chandler Riggs as Eddie (Friday The 13th part 7)

Riggs has faced zombies and crazed ravagers on The Walking Dead. Facing a super zombie should be a walk-in the park.

Pewdiepie as Shelly (Friday The 13th part 3)

To play the goofy and nerdy Shelly you need someone who is equally nerdy and annoying. Why not YouTube star Pewdiepie.

Dacre Montgomery as Trent (Friday The 13th 2009)

Every Friday The 13th needs a douchebag. Most recently it was Trent in 2009’s failed reboot attempt. Why not Stranger Things bad Montgomery.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner as Tina and Terri (Friday The 13th part 4)

To play the doomed twins in Friday The 13th why not cast the sisters we wish were doomed in real life.

Lyrica Okano as Eva Watanabe (Friday The 13th part 8)

The Runaways’ Lyrica brings some diversity to the film in the science-whiz Eva.

Lili Reinhart as Chris (Friday The 13th part 3)

Reinhart plays the up tight Betty Cooper on Riverdale. Perfect for good girl, Chris.

Bray Wyatt as Jason Voorhees

I never understood why Jason was built like a bodybuilder, no disrespect to Kane Hodder. My Jason would have a more blue collar/redneck look about him. Big but kind of flabby and definitely still an undead killing machine. Why not WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt.

Well that’s my picks for a Friday The 13th reboot. Who would you pick? Do you agree or disagree with picks? Let us know in the comments and happy Friday The 13th!