First look at Vertigo’s Sandman Universe

The Sandman Universe is upon us! The highly anticipated new one-shot set with Vertigo’s Sandman continuity that will spin out into four new titles.

Writer Neil Gaiman oversees a new group of writers anxious to make their mark on the popular Vertigo series.

Si Spurrier, Nalo Hopkinson, Dan Watters and Kat Howard are four writers who will be penning the ongoing Sandman Universe comics later this year. this six-page preview features the return of many of the Dreaming’s residents, including Lucien the Librarian, Cain and his beleaguered brother Abel and the ever-blunt raven, Matthew. More troubling, it also reveals that there’s a strange tear in the fabric of the Dreaming, which seems to be causing all manner of problems…and of course, Morpheus is nowhere to be found.

Check out these preview pages to the one-shot below: