Mushroomhead’s “We Are The Truth” Music Video Pay Tribute To Evil Dead

Metal band Mushroomhead pays tribute to Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead in their latest music video.

The new video for the track “We Are the Truth” will appear on the metal band’s upcoming MushroomheadVolume III DVD release, The PRP reports. It arrives on August 17.

As you can imagine, the entire Mushroomhead camp is heavily into Horror films. So, we decided to do an Evil Dead tribute,” drummer Steve “Skinny” Felton said of the video, which looks to have been mostly inspired by the 2013 remake. “Dr. F, Stitch and myself were responsible for all set designs. I think the end result is very creepy and a lot of fun.”

Starz recently canceled the cult favorite tv series, Ash vs the Evil Dead, which was a continuation to the Evil Dead films.