Netflix confirms release date of Godzilla City on the Edge of Battle

Get your Netflix streaming queue ready Godzilla fans! After a successful first anime outing, Netflix announced during their panel at Anime Expo that Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle is readying for a major release on Netflix July 18.

Mecha Godzilla will be the big lizard’s main antagonist this time around. City on the Edge of Battle is the second part of a planned trilogy.

The third film’s villain was already spoiled months and revealed to be the golden intergalactic dragon, King Ghidorah.

The anime film brings a whole new anime spin on the monster, named “Godzilla Earth,” and seeing him brought to life in a different level of CG than the films in the West is captivating. The sequel, Godzilla Kessen Kido Zoshoku Toshi (which translates as Godzilla: Battle Mobile Breeding City) will feature a dark future where the last remaining humans must battle Godzilla, who has been wreaking havoc for 20,000 years. It will also feature an appearance of Mecha Godzilla, so not only will fans be treated to an animated version of Godzilla but one of the coolest rival Kaiju, Mecha Godzilla.