Infinity War Blu-Ray promises 30 minutes of Thanos backstory

Avengers Infinity War is getting set to arrive on blu-ray and coming with it is an array of geeky extras.

However the most anticipated is the rumored 30 minutes of extra footage revealing the film’s Uber-baddie, Thanos, backstory.

Per DigitalSpy:

At 149 minutes, Avengers: Infinity War stands as the longest MCU movie so far – but it could get even longer.

Jim Starlin – the writer/artist who created Thanos – has said that we could get an extended cut on the DVD and Blu-ray release that will bump the movie up to three hours.

Collider reports that Starlin said during a panel at Las Vegas Comic Con that an extra 30 minutes of footage – focusing mainly on Thanos’ backstory – was cut from Infinity War and could be reinstated, although he did not give any more information about when that could happen.

The missing footage dug into the villain’s origin and early years, and had been developed with the help of Starlin himself.

While Starlin met with the filmmakers and visited the set, he was not involved directly with the making of the movie, so it’s worth taking his comments with a pinch of salt.

And if Marvel Studios does give Infinity War a director’s cut, it would be the first out of 19 MCU movies (and counting) to do so.

Avengers Infinity War blu-ray is already available for pre-order.