Two X-Men got married but not Colossus and Kitty!

The wedding of the year for the X-Men ended with not Kitty and Colossus getting married but instead two other Mutants.

Gambit and Rogue. Two X-Men that have had a heated on again/off again relationship for years finally took the biggest gamble. Marriage. They couple will get a new ongoing series, Mr. and Mrs. X, starting in July.

In January, Kitty Pryde, the leader of this group of X-Men, proposed to her teammate, Piotr (“Peter”) Rasputin, and the current story line, “Til Death Do Us Part,” has been marching toward their big day. But in Wednesday’s issue — spoilers ahead — after a tough heart-to-heart talk with her best friend, who is also the groom’s sister, the would-be bride gets cold feet. The issue is written by Marc Guggenheim and drawn by David Marquez. The pivotal moment is beautifully captured and gut wrenching.

Kitty leaves Peter at the altar. The X-Men are left reeling, but it falls to Storm to shed a light on matters. No stranger to marriage – and divorce – herself, Storm notes that it’s better Kitty and Colossus learn their love wasn’t enough now, rather than several years down the road. “Marriage is hard,” Storm observes, speaking from harsh experience. “It requires more than love. It requires a need. A hunger. A feeling that you’d rather not go on living than spend another day apart.” Her words inspire Gambit to unexpected action, as he concludes that there’s only one thing he can do; he walks straight up to Rogue and proposes.

Gambit swiftly makes it clear he plans on a quick engagement; “We got all our friends here, someone to marry us and a wedding canopy outside.” With the blessing of Colossus and Kitty Pryde, Rogue and Gambit take over the wedding, and are married by the end of the issue. “We’ve been through so much, you and I,” Rogue tells Remy. “We’ve faced challenges a lotta other couples never face. But we always keep finding ways back to each other. So that’s what I promise you… that no matter what, I’ll always find my way back to you.

Not the ending we wanted from X-Men Gold #30 but ultimately maybe the one we deserved.