The Dark Truth Of WWE Divas

Per Grunge:

After years of promoting them mainly for their beauty and minimal clothing, World Wrestling Entertainment is finally taking female wrestlers seriously. Today, they’re hiring ladies based on how well they perform in the ring, their matches are main-eventing major events, and rumors abound that women may main-event WrestleMania 35. It’s clear there’s never been a better time to be a lady who can run the ropes. That said, women wrestlers can also be just as troubled as men behind the scenes. Officially called Divas until 2016, women wrestlers often have heavier stories to tell outside the ring than they do in it…

Not-so-Fabulous Moolah | 0:41 Cloudy days for Sunny | 1:53 Chyna’s fall from grace | 3:11 Sable’s lawsuit fable | 4:40 Sensational Sherri’s toughest battle | 6:02 A Flair for trouble | 7:13 R-rated Asuka | 8:37