Disney outbids Comcast for FOX assests, 71 billion dollar offer

The Mouse will not be denied!

Walt Disney Co. raised its offer for 21st Century Fox Inc.’s entertainment assets to $71.3 billion, outbidding Comcast Corp. in a battle for one of the media industry’s biggest prizes.

The $38-a-share price is about $10 a share higher than what Disney proposed in December — and $3 above Comcast’s bid from last week. Fox has accepted the offer, saying it provides more flexibility and other enhancements than the $65 billion Comcast deal. Still, the opportunity remains for the cable giant to return with sweetened terms.

At stake is a trove of media properties, ranging from “The Simpsons” to “X-Men,” that may help fend off the threat from Netflix Inc. and other streaming upstarts. Both Disney and Comcast are looking to use the Fox assets to bolster their content and expand overseas.

The dreams of Fantastic Four & X-Men joining the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is becoming more and more likely. Comcast will have to double down big time if it has any hope of beating Disney.