HipZOMJoint Movie Review: Batman Ninja

Batman Ninja is an odd choice for DC/WB animation to choose to do, but it works on so many levels.

The animation is gorgeous and very fluid. It has typical anime tropes such as over exaggerations, robotic villains, and over the top costumes. But it’s all achieved in a fun one-off adventure.

While battling Gorilla Grodd at Arkham Asylum, Batman is caught in Grodd’s Quake Engine time displacement machine and sent to Feudal Japan. There, he is chased by samurai working for the Joker. During his escape, Batman meets up with Catwoman, who reveals everyone else arrived two years earlier (due to Batman being in the outermost area affected by the Quake Engine.) He learns from her that all of Gotham City‘s top criminals have become feudal lords after deceiving the Sengoku daimyō, battling each other until only one state remains. In order to stop the villains from changing history, Batman and Catwoman must get to the Quake Engine in Arkham Castle (formerly the asylum). Batman discovers that Alfred Pennyworth is also in the past and has built a Batcave outside Edo.

Batman and Catwoman are aided by Red Robin, Robin, Nightwing, and Redhood. Batman must learn the ways of the ninja (which didn’t he already know?) and fight his rogue gallery using his new skills instead of relying on his technology.

 The film is directed by Junpei Mizusaki and produced by Warner Bros. Takashi Okazaki, the creator of Afro Samurai is the character designer for the film.

The voice acting is good enough. Roger Craig Smith voices Batman and while he doesn’t soar to Kevin Conroy’s (Batman The Animated Series) level of greatness he isn’t as horrible as Jason O’Mara (New 52 Batman Voice Actor). Tara Strong returns to voice Harley Quinn and even Batman Beyond Voice Actor Will Friedle returns to voice Red Robin.

DC/WB thought way outside of the box on this one and hit it out of the park. HipZOMJoint gives Batman Ninja an 8 out of 10.