Chris Hardwick accused of sexual abuse

Nerdist and The Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick has been accused of sexual abuse by his former girlfriend.

Actress, TV personality and cosplayer Chloe Dykstra has shared her #MeToo story in a long and emotional essay that accuses an unnamed ex-boyfriend, presumably Chris Hardwick, of “long-term” emotional and sexual abuse and career blacklisting.

Although Dykstra does not name the ex-boyfriend in her essay published Thursday on Medium, the timing and key details suggest that she is referring to TV personality and Nerdist podcaster Hardwick, whom she dated from 2012 to 2014, according to

Hardwick, 46, has become famous and probably very rich by transforming his love of geekdom into a wide-ranging career that includes his Nerdist Industries network of podcasts and YouTube shows and interviewing celebrity fans of “Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad” for AMC’s “Talking Dead” and “Talking Bad” after-shows.

In her essay, titled “Rose-Colored Glasses: A Confession,” Dykstra said the man displayed what she called “controlling behavior” that began just two weeks into the relationship. The daughter of Oscar-winning special-effects artist John Dykstra, Dykstra said she was a “vibrant, goofy” kid when she met the man at a convention. But almost immediately, he laid down certain rules.

She said she was to reserve her nights for her boyfriend, which alienated her from her friends, and she wasn’t to have male friends. She also wasn’t allowed to drink — Hardwick is known to be sober, according to — and to not take any photos of them as a couple.

“I was terrified to piss him off- so I did what he said… including let him sexually assault me. Regularly. I was expected to be ready for him when he came home from work,” Dykstra wrote.

This is some very damning allegations that has put Hardwick in quite a predicament. Hardwick has been scrubbed from the Nerdist website pending a further investigation.

Somewhere Wil Wheaton is waiting anxiously by his phone, ready to become the new Hardwick!