Geoff Johns Caused Major Problems On Set Of Justice League?

Geoff Johns was at one point considered the brightest mind in the comic industry. A big fish in the comics community pond. However the comic book writer might have been completely out of his depth when it came to trying to help oversee the creation of the DC Cinematic Universe.

After the failure of Justice League not only did DC Films/WB remove Diane Nelson from President of DC Entertainment but then they quickly removed Geoff Johns as CCO as well.

Per GeekTyrant:

Some new information has surfaced regarding Johns that may have helped lead to his departure. The information comes from Vulture senior editor Kyle Buchanan, and it entails how Johns caused some issues and drama with both Justice League screenwriter Chris Terrio and Warner Bros. executives. He explained on Twitter:

“I remember hearing that Geoff Johns rewrote so much of Justice League when Zack Snyder was still directing that Chris Terrio would complain, ‘Maybe try using some of my pages?'”

“WB was allegedly so unsatisfied with how the Johns/Snyder version was shaping up that they convened a footage summit for other writers including Joss Whedon, Allan Heinberg, Seth Grahame-Smith, and Andrea Berloff to offer feedback. Then they hired Whedon.”

Maybe in the end WB should have left Snyder & Terrio alone but then again the duo only wanted to create a five film series based around Superman. DC Films clearly wants to create a series of films like Marvel who have found a way to interconnect over 20 films. DC Films has another opportunity to get it right. However, fans are only willing to give DC so many chances. As evidenced by Justice League.