JUMP FORCE Trailer (E3 2018)

There are worlds that exist, separate from our own. Where the impossible is reality, they coexist to both good and evil. These worlds were never meant to meet, but things have changed. Now… they have begun to merge as one, and our last hope is the heroes we could only imagine, uniting to fight for our survival.

Jump Force is an upcoming action-fighting video game to be released in 2019 for the Xbox OnePlayStation 4, and PC. It is a crossover of multiple series from Shonen Jump bringing in many heroes and villains from their respective stories to battle each other as their universes collide, with present-day Earth caught in the crossfire.

The trailer shows characters such as Goku and Frieza from Dragon Ball, the titular protagonist of Naruto, Luffy from One Piece, and Light and Ryuk from Death Note.

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