Geoff Johns steps down as DC Entertainment President and CCO

DC Films at Warner Bros continue to clean house. After failing to even come close to close the gap between themselves and Marvel Studios, Diane Nelson was the first to be ushered out the door.

Per GeekTyrant:

After trying to help build a DC Cinematic Universe for Warner Bros., Geoff Johns has decided to step down from his position as DC Entertainment president and chief creative officer. According to Variety, the next chapter of his career will be in the form of a writing and producing deal with DC Comics and the studio. One of those first projects will include Green Lantern Corps.

This comes only days after Diane Nelson left as president of DC Entertainment following a long sabbatical. She was with them for over 22 years. There’s obviously a big shakeup happening at the studio as they prepare to move into a new phase of DC films. I wonder if these guys are being forced to step down or if this is something they actually want. Johns’ departure has been rumored for some time.

With Johns stepping down, DC Entertainment Publisher Jim Lee will expand his role and take on the role of chief creative officer at DC Entertainment. As a fan of Lee and his work, I really hope that he will do a great job in his new role.

What do you think about Johns stepping down as DC Entertainment president and CCO? What do you think about Lee filling his shoes as CCO? Do you think this will be good for the future of the DC movies? We have yet to see who will take over as president. 

It was a very sad statement that a lesser known character like Marvel’s Black Panther made more money and had a larger cultural impact than a film like Justice League that featured all of DC Film’s heroes. DC Films, who owns the right to all of their characters has failed where Marvel Studios have taken their b-listers into household names, none of which who belong to X-Men (X-Men are still owned by FOX) DC Films has a tall mountain to climb but it isn’t impossible. They just need someone with a clear vision who loves the comics but also understands the film industry.