The Last Jedi’s Kelly Marie Tran’s is harassed off social media

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Rian Johnson’s Star Wars The Last Jedi. However one of the few bright spots of the film was actress Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose character.

Sadly, ruthless internet trolls have harassed the actress off of her Instagram.

Per IndieWire:

Once a cheery, personal slice of social media that showed off Tran’s charming personality and joy at being involved with the franchise — because of vocal “fans” determined to mock her looks, ethnicity, talent, and whatever else they wanted to take aim at in a space where she would assuredly see it, it’s easy to draw some conclusions here.

Tran has endured months of harassment, both on social media (again, a space where she would assuredly see it) and in rancid comment threads on posts about the film and her work in it. As NME reports, even “the Rose Tico description on the Star Wars ‘Wookieepedia’ website was altered to feature offensive, racist language while alt-right internet personality Paul Ray Ramsey took aim at Tran’s appearance.” A glance at the replies to Star Wars Facts’ original tweet finds similar responses, along with fans defending both Tran and Rose, a small ray of positivity in the midst of a thoroughly negative example of the toxicity that can exist in any fanbase.

Tran was wonderful in a film that did not deliver. She is not to blame for the current state of Star Wars. She is, however, a promise of what the franchise can continue to evolve into.